Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Election Promises?

The last few weeks we have been hearing endless chatter in Alberta regarding raising taxes to offset the resource revenue Alberta relies so heavily on to balance its budget.
In its recent release of the Alberta Government report "Dollars and Sense" the government surveyed Albertans with something that could be compared to a push poll. This was done in an attempt to justify to "borrow" and claim it is what Albertans want, although I am not sure why this was not part of their 2012 campaign.
What was part of their 2012 election campaign were a couple of "BIG Promises" that definitely would have helped them out in decisions made by the voters. One of them being " no tax increases for 3 years" as well as "promised that her government will balance the budget within two years". In fact here is a quote from  Premier Alison Redford from her maiden speech in the Legislature.
“Albertans expect their government to plan for the future, and we will not let them down,we will balance the budget by 2013-14. And we will plan ahead.”
So in all fairness, neither of these promises are broken at this point. With Alberta sending out mixed messages one is left wondering if she was being honest or simply campaigning on election promises.

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  1. Promises! must been there always by campaigning election. Hope to see the changes for up coming Philippine Senate Election.