Friday, November 16, 2012

Budget 2012-Who Knew? Everyone But AB's Premier

Alberta's Premier Alison Redford defends going into debt claiming the economy has changed since the election. While the economy may have been changing, for her to say no one saw it coming.... well this may be not be fully true. In fact it is not true at all.

This governing party was the ONLY party that found budget 2012 realistic. Lets look at the comments that were made when the budget was passed.

PC Party:
 "I think positive and I think that's exactly where this budget is going and it's not only positive, but it's realistic and it's responsible,"
“Everyone knows that we’re going into an election campaign, and yet this is not a budget that is laying out a whole bunch of things the province can’t afford,”

Wildrose Party:
It’s all “pipe dream projections” by an overspending government, the Wildrose Leader said.
“There’s no possible way that there is any validity to the projections,” said Ms. Smith
"These are fantasy land projections."

Liberal Party:
“With all the economic turmoil in the world, the premier’s revenue projections are completely unrealistic,” Sherman says.
"They're overly optimistic and very rosy about the income Alberta's going to get," said Liberal leader Raj Sherman.

NDP Party:
"They have over-optimistic revenue projections, especially with regard to bitumen royalties and oil royalties, gas royalties, and they're draining another $4 billion out of the Sustainability Fund ," he said.

Canadian Tax Federation:
“Those are huge numbers,” said Canadian Taxpayers Federation spokesman Scott Hennig. “The economy’s going to have to be very hot for those numbers to come true, and they’re well above what the private sector’s forecasting.”

Truly makes one wonder how this PC Government is the only one that didn't see this coming when Budget 2012 was dleivered. I think they did, but when it's election year the deceit is in full swing.

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