Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calgary-Glenmore How Conservative is It?

Seems like the battle of conservatives is on. The WRA and PC bloggers are on the attack, although I am not sure why so brutally, we can't sway the vote.
Here are some links on the by-election:
Calgary Rants, Enlightened Savage, Jane, Brian Dell, and Blogged Down in Calgary.

It has been a long summer with very little political excitement so this by election is going to overtake the local blogging community. With each right leaning party believing they will take the by-election it comes down to the voters and who they believe deserves their vote. I have stated my opinions on Dianne, but I don't think I crossed any lines by making it personal. She is running for politics so she better get tough skinned and stop her crying about the name calling, because it doesn't matter who you are, some will just not like you.

The other point I would bring up is who the WRA members are, we at one time were avid PC party supporters with many of us involved deeply within the party. Now because we think the PC party has strayed from it's core values we are a bunch of right wing loonies? Good luck with this one, we are the same people who helped many of PC members get elected in the past, so don't be too quick to discredit the very people who helped build the PC party. The biggest problem with the PC party is their leader as well as the direction he has led this party. Had my guy won I don't think many of the WRA supporters would have to be opposing the PC machine today. I have talked to many PC MLA's who openly have said their is only about 12 blue conservative MLA's in the party and the rest are purple and red. Not good enough for me.

The WRA has been re-vamped from the 2008 elections and we have built solid policies and are building on our solid conservative members. The changes reflect what mainstream Alberta wants and needs because they are the ones who build our policies, grassroots baby! PC brass and avid supporters can write us off if they choose, we are no longer the conservative alternative, this time we won't split the vote we are determined to take it no matter the outcome of the by-election.


  1. Altruist: Both parties want to claim to represent the views of "mainstream Alberta".

    The Tory view is that your average, mainstream Albertan is fiscally conservative and has social views that sit somewhere between the party's blue, right border and its red, left border.

    The WAP view seems to be that your average, mainstream Albertan is conservative fiscally and socially, hates the AHRC, and considers Ed Stelmach, Dave Hancock and their ilk to be lefty wimps.

    Now, whether the readers of your blog agree with that assessment or not is hardly the point - it's just one man's analysis. What DOES matter, though, is that while both parties claim to represent the mainstream of Albertan society, only one of them (or, to be fair, neither) can be correct. The voters will pass their judgements, and TELL us who speaks for them.

    The party that falls will either accept the judgement of the voters, or dismiss them as mindless sheep. That's up to the parties to decide.

    Which is TRULY the "mainstream party"? That's up to mainstream Alberta to tell us.

  2. I challenge this blogger to name the 12 "blue conservatives". What does such a label mean, anyways?

  3. You know, I keep asking and nobody answers. Could somebody point me to all those crazy socially conservative policies are in the Wildrose Alliance Policy book are? Even in two stints as VP of policy I have yet to be able to track them down.

    I see the WRA opposition to the anti-free speech elements in Alberta's human rights legislation has been brought up. If I recall correctly Blackett (PC minister in charge) is in opposition to that clause within the legislation too. In fact, Lindsay planned on removing that aspect of the legislation until Special Ed got wind that a cabinet minister was trying to be proactive and slapped him down.

    Ed's legislation however has granted parent's on the lunatic fringe to take teachers before a tribunal if they dare try to teach the students about evolution. Ed has kept the portion of the legislation where government appointed tribunals can harrass and charge journalists for offending people.

    McCarthyism indeed. The Stelmach PCs empowering religious lunatics while trying to stunt free speech and the press.

    Despite these realities in government actions, the dogged and dwindling supporters of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives tiredly try to drop some unbased socially conservative label on the rational party that has sprung from PC incompetence.

    The fear is showing. :-)

  4. Cory: You mean the WAP supporters arguing that Ed, Dave, Diane, et al are not "true conservatives" are all talking about FISCAL policy?

    The argument goes that a Morton victory in 2006 would have kept the WAP supporters in the PC party. Why? Because of his stance on the personal income tax exemption? If the PC's need to be replaced because they've been rotted away from the inside by progressives and Red Tories, then what is it that make these progressives and Red Tories so unpalatable to the WAP?

    The difference between a Red Tory, which the WAP is so quick to dismiss, and a Blue Tory, whom are constantly being fawned over by WAP supporters, is social policy.

  5. Anonymous:
    I haven't been playing with the label game and don't plan on beginning now.

    I like the word responsible when it comes to fiscal policy. Ed has set record deficits and driven our prime industry from the province on the eve of a recession.

    Seeing as Ed's backbenchers and ministers are not allowed to speak or act for themselves, I think we can safely and simply label them all as Ed's team.

    Ed's team has proven to be fiscally incompetent rather than responsible.

  6. All 71 Alberta Progressive Conservative MLA's supported the budget.

    Fiscal conservatism died in the PC's when they repealed the anti deficit law.

  7. A blue conservative is what most would consider what the PC party used to represent which was conservative both fiscally and socially (pc color is blue). I am sure my dozen and another MLA's dozen would differ, but to satisfy your request I will try and put a list together for you tomorrow some time. Travis you make a great point with the budget. There was not much on the conservative side there. The GOA has a spending problem. I have to also say Cory your word responsible sounds more accurate.
    E.S you hit it dead on when you said it is what each party believes they know what mainstream wants. Each policy has it's place be it conservative moderate or liberal, can't make everyone happy. There are no mindless sheep in the voters, although I think some may fear it could be worse and stick to the devil they know.

  8. There are very few die hard social conservatives. Rob Anderson would be one of them, but he has marginalized himself big time.

  9. He is on my list as blue through and through. Bill 44 will bite him in the ass.

  10. I am a proud example of a socially moderate, fiscal conservative who recently switched from the PCs to the Wildrose Alliance.

    Anyone who tries to label the WAP as a far-right, 'social conservative' party either hasn't bothered to read party policy or is intentionally attempting to convey a false image.

    What is confusing to PC supporters is the idea of a political party that can truly appeal to a diverse cross-section of political ideology.

  11. This is true Leigh, I think what appeals to most members of the party is the fact we are a very diverse group of people. The one thing the PC party will not be able to grasp is we can all come to agreement and form sound policies and be openminded to everyones input. In recession it has been proven (Margaret Thatcher is a good on or Reagan) conservative policies weather the storm best. Thinking you can spend your way out of it (Obama) is simply ridiculous. There is a time for all views to come into play right now it's conservative. My opinion only.

  12. 'What is confusing to PC supporters is the idea of a political party that can truly appeal to a diverse cross-section of political ideology.'

    Then what's the point of starting a new party that stands for nothing? We have enough of those.

  13. Leigh: With respect, PC supporters can COMPLETELY understand a party that appeals to a diverse cross-section of political ideology... they BELONG to one. Find me another party where Ted Morton and Dave Hancock would both feel at home...

  14. I'd tend to disagree with the Englghtened Savage. The provincial PC's are an almost carbon copy of their federal cousins, who found out that once they got into office sometimes they had to take a detour or two (i.e. the federal deficit this year).

    I don't think that Dave Hancock is much at home in the party - everyone seems to be pretty conservative except him.

    Oh, let's hear the list of 12 that are "true conservative" from the blogger. Or is there no such list?

  15. Anon 1:05,
    There is no "list" as you put it, I said I would compile the list of a dozen I think would be blue conservative unfotunately most of them are so muffled by Ed I can't decide if there are 2. I mentioned in my post " I have talked to many PC MLA's who openly have said their is only about 12 blue conservative MLA's in the party and the rest are purple and red."
    These are their views of their own party. I can't speak for them, but will ask them if they would give me their opinions on whom they are talking.(might be a nice blog topic)
    If there is two for sure it would be Ted Morton and Rob Anderson, although I sure dislike the bills they put forth in the last session. Blackett I thought may be, but Ed stomped him quickly now I am not sure. How do you know what these MLA's think when they are not allowed to speak freely? With the support of the last budget I can't say there is much conservatism there. Can you. I don't think Dave Hancock passed the budget alone.

  16. Enlightened Savage, I left the PC party because it is no longer a fiscally conservative party. When the budget of $22.6 billion (2004) turned into a budget of $37 billion (2008), the PC party lost its label of being fiscally conservative.

    By the way, I am in no way a social conservative, but yet a member of the Wildrose Alliance.

  17. Rob Anderson is a huge red tory with the exception of the talks about his family values. Look at the bill he put forward to restrict campaign funding.

    Look at what the party did to Craig Chandler, too.

  18. Who would worry about municipal campaign funding and Craig Chandler all in one sentence? Hmmm.